Quality Parts

In addition to highest quality woods I only use parts by well established manufacturers that I trust with top-notch production standards. Building a high-end guitar does not end with chosing the best wood – every detail matters and at Lowe Guitars every detail gets my full attention.

The best guitar will sound mediocre if it is fitted with sub-par pickups. Because of this Lowe Guitars equips instruments with Bareknuckle pickups for the most part. These pickups are hand-built with vintage-correct materials and are the quintessence of British craftsmanship. Bareknuckle’s philosophy is quite similar to mine, therefore their PU’s are the perfect fit. And should I need another tool for the job – Häussel does the job just fine.

All my instruments are strung with 10-46 D’Addario strings. There are plenty of great string manufacturers, but here at Lowe Guitars I have made the best experiences with these. Hardware is bought from ABM, Schaller and Hipshot. And when it comes to nuts, I make them myself from unbleached bone.