Individual Design

While my instruments are of course based on classic guitars I have no intention of building mere copies of existing models (although I can do so if required). My goal is to create beautiful, timeless musical instruments that merge the well-tried features of classic electric guitars with modern construction philosophy into versatile and timeless tools for the contemporary player.

To do so, I get inspired by „the usual suspects“ of Rock ’n‘ Roll history but that is only the beginning: My desings incorporate both classic, well known features and ideas of my own in order to forge „contemporary classics“ that clearly speak to the audience as to what they are: Modern high-end instruments that know their roots and yet aim to add something new to the densely populated landscape of modern electric guitars.

The Model 1 is the essence of this philosophy: Unmistakably based on the classic Tele designs, I strove to create a guitar that can be both a modern rock powerhouse as well as a soulful vintage instrument – it’s all depending on what you play on it. And that is, what Lowe Guitars is all about: Creating individual instruments with life, character and soul.

In my opinion, the best finish for a lively instrument is as little finish as possible. I preferably use TruOil, which allows me to create a very thin protective finish that still enhances the look of the naturally beautiful pieces of wood used. I’m also happy to use Shellac, Nitro or very thin Polyurethan. I find the best compromise of a colour finished guitar is a bound colour top with stain and/or laquer, and a oiled/waxed back and neck.